Late Nowy Styl co-founder Jerzy Krzanowski was one of the wealthiest businessmen in Poland

Jerzy Krzanowski and his brother Adam Krzanowski were listed in Forbes 100 Richest Poles 2021.


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Polish native Jerzy Krzanowski, who was most recognized as the co-founder of Nowy Styl, one of Europe’s largest office furniture producers, passed away in June 2024.

Jerzy Krzanowski was born in 1970 in Kraków, Poland, to middle-class Polish parents who strongly believe in Catholicism.

Therefore, Jerzy and his brother Adam Krzanowski grew up Catholic and followed Christianity.

Jerzy was very close with his older brother, Adam Krzanowski, who was born around 1966. Together, they wanted to open their own business.

When they were around 14 or 15, they convinced their parents, who worked at Glassworks in Krosno, to open an ice cream parlor and run their own business.

Even though their business was not successful, failing due to sanitary and epidemiological issues, the brothers did not give up on their dreams.

Jerzy and Adam founded the Nowy Styl, which is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Europe

After completing their education, the Krzanowski brothers founded the Nowy Styl group in 1992 with the help of their girlfriend and parents.

At the time, Jerzy was just 22 years old, while his brother Adam was around 26.

After completing the bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology from AGH University, Adam moved to the USA and learned entrepreneurship at Whyte.

On the other hand, Jerzy had just received his bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts from the catering technical school.

The brothers first opened the company as a family business, as their primary goal was earning a good living.

However, after their customers grew rapidly, they started focusing on the company’s further development.

According to their official business websites, when they first started, they had only 7 employees and three models of chairs, which they used to deliver from Polonez.

However, just a year after its establishment, the company grew and reached 100 employees.

Later, as they grew, they started adding more designs and covering new fields as well. Today, they sell interior design, furniture, and stadium seating products.

Their number of employees has risen to 6,000, and they run four more brands, BN Office Solution, Grammer Office, Forum Seating, and Baltic Wood, under the parent company Nowy Styl.

In terms of revenue, the company only made PLN 70 million in net income from sales of PLN 930 million in 2017.

Later, in 2021, Forbes magazine listed the Krzanowski brothers as the 57th richest poles, as their fortune was then estimated at PLN 1 billion 213 million.

In 2023, Nowy Styl had EUR 310 million in sales revenues, delivering its products to over 70 countries.

Further, in 2024, the Krzanowski brothers, Jerzy and Adam, are listed among the richest Poles, with over $100 million in net worth.

Additional Information

  • Jerzy Krzanowski passed away at the age of 54 in probable homicide. He had been missing since June 6, and the next day, the rescuer team found his body and pronounced no more.
  • Despite being the wealthiest man in Poland, Wikipedia has not yet dedicated a page to Jerzy Krzanowski.
  • Jerzy Krzanowski’s brother, Adam Krzanowski, is married to his wife Agnieszka and shares three children with her.
  • The company’s name, Nowy Styl, means New Style in English, and in 2003, it changed its name from Nowy Styl to Nowy Styl Group.
  • In addition to the furnishing business, Jerzy Krzanowski opened NINE’s restaurant in Warsaw, a wedding dress salon, and a real estate agency.
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