Kenley Pope cries at the end of the 2024 cheerleading world championship as she retires!

Kenley Pope is the two-time world championship-winning cheerleader.


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Famous American cheerleader Kenley Pope has been interested in cheerleading since a young age, but her latest performance on April 28, 2024, could be her last as she is retiring from the team Lady Lux.

Kenley Pope is mostly popular for competing on famous teams such as Cheer Extreme Crush, C4 Bombsquad, and Senior Elite.

In 2024, she won the world championship in cheerleading with the team Cheer Extreme Lady Lux. On May 1, 2024, she uploaded an Instagram post announcing her victory to the public with the caption, “We won. Goodnight 🩷.

Kenley Pope also won the World Champion title in 2023. Similarly, with the team C4 Bombsquad, she won an NCA All-Star title.

Having earned so many titles, Kenley has become one of the champion cheerleaders in North Carolina.

However, the 2024 World Champion was Kenley’s last year, as she graduated in 2023, and will be moving to her senior college.

Kenley Pope’s mother, Courtney Smith Pope, inspired her to become a cheerleader

Kenley Pope might have inherited her cheerleading talent from her mother, Courtney Smith Pope, who was also a famous cheerleader then.

Courtney Smith Pope,46, now works as a coach and, along with her husband, Ben Pope, owns and operates the Cheer Extreme Allstars gym brand.

Like her daughter, Courtney participated on the cheerleading team during her college years at Wake Forest University.

Kenley’s mother also won the Coach of the Year Award in 2009, sponsored by the United States All-Star Federation.

Former cheerleader Maddie Gardner, now a news presenter, is one of the students of Courtney Smith Pope.

Having a deep interest in cheerleading, Courtney Smith Pope happened to influence both of her daughters, Kenley Pope, and Carley Starr, to become a cheerleader.

Now, 19-year-old Kenley Pope has made her mother proud by winning the world championship, which took place on April 29 in Orlando, Fla.

Like her mother, Kenley Pope participated in cheerleading during her high school years, and after getting into college, she officially started participating in competitions.

By starting her cheerleading career at an early age with the help of her mother, Kenley Pope has become a great inspiration for many youngsters.

Additional Information

  • Kenley Pope is 19 years old, born on December 3, 2004, to her parents’ Courtney Smith Pope and Ben Pope.
  • A death hoax about Kenley Pope went viral last year, but nothing actually happened to the cheerleader, so no one has to worry.
  • She competed in the INFINITY GENERATION NEXT event in 2015 and has been featured in The Cheerleader Magazine.
  • Kenley Pope’s sister, Carley Starr, is also a famous cheerleader in North Carolina.
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