Despite Joe Bartolozzi’s death rumors, many believe TikToker is still alive after his recently posted videos on social media sites

The last YouTube and TikTok video of Joe Bartolozzi was uploaded 19 hours ago, suggesting his death hoax as false information.


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From TikTok and Twitter to YouTube, people are mentioning the death of renowned internet personality Joe Bartolozzi everywhere.

The comments section of his tiktok videos mostly contains RIP and tribute posts. Many of his fans seemed heartbroken at the news of the Tiktoker, who was at the young age of 22.

In addition to fans’ speculations, many Twitter posts from news sites confirm his death, making the news seem real.

@bidoof_is_life Fly high Joe 🕊❤️‍🩹 #sad #sadstory #edit #paintok #joke #joebartolozzi #rip #flyhigh #tiktoker ♬ Space Song – Beach House

Further, many YouTube including @adonistaken, @Psychopoly, @clipverse_yt, and @dekhnews4467, confirm his demise in their short videos. However, they do not provide the reason behind his death.

One YouTuber claimed Joe Bartolozzi was found dead outside the New Jersey Pizza Hut. However, they do not provide any substantial evidence to support their statement.

Similarly, another Tiktok video confirmed that he died of a throat infection as he used to scream too much on his videos.

Despite all those YouTube videos, no evidence and no reliable sources have confirmed the YouTuber’s death.

Joe Bartolozzi’s death hoax has been circulating since 2023

It is not the first time news of Joe Bartolozzi’s death has been circulating on social media.

In 2023, some social media and tiktok users speculated Joe Bartolozzi had passed away on first January 2023 while writing “Flye High Joe“.

However, it’s been over one year, and the news is again circulating, making fans confused about whether Joe Bartolozzi is alive or dead. No photos of him have been revealed to prove his demise.

@jimez02 Thoughts and prayers for Joe 😔 #joebartolozzi #ripjoebartolozzi #rip #flyhigh ♬ original sound – James

On the other hand, Joe’s social media accounts, including TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, are still active, and he continuously posts videos.

However, many internet personalities claimed it to be AI, not Joe Bartolozzi. They claim people use his face from old videos and remake new ones to fool his fans.

Many of his tiktok video comments read like, “It’s like he’s with us again😔,” “It’s true, I programmed the AI. RIP Joe 🕊️”

In the same video, some people claim it to be a joke as they replied to confused fans’ questions, saying, “It’s a joke💀💀,” “Bro im fuc*in joking. 💀 like, bro, everyone is just going along with it.

Similarly, after rising controversy, Yotuuber @knowyourtiktok released a short video confirming that people are spreading misinformation on social media sites.

Furthermore, it was reported that they had done the same to other big YouTube streamers to gain popularity.

Way too young💔 but AI Joe really helps us forget 😔

♬ original sound – Dylan Page

Moreover, there is still a video where Joe Bartolozzi himself confirms being alive, but again, people claim it to be AI. On the other hand, many also think the whole death controversy is circulated via the bot.

However, until reliable sources confirm the news, we should not judge based only on social media posts and comments that provide no factual proof.

Additional Information

  • Joe Bartolozzi has over 24.2 million followers on his TikTok account, joe.bartolozzi, where he mostly posts videos related to gaming and reaction videos. Further, he has 2.01 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • Born on 06 February 2002 in New Jersey, United States, Joe Bartolozzi follows the Christian religion, and his ethnicity is white.
  • According to social media sources, TikTok star Joe Bartolozzi is a successful media personality with a net worth of approximately $2 million.
  • Joe Bartolozzi has been dating 21-year-old TikTok star Brooke Armitage for the last two years. His girlfriend is a model and athlete who is currently studying to be a nurse.
  • As of 2024, Joe Bartolozzi is living a good life in New Jersey, spending a good time with his girlfriend, and making YouTube and Tiktok videos, as per his social media posts.
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