Jett Lawrence fans claim Cecilia Prado García is his girlfriend, but is it true?

Jett Lawrence's new TikTok video suggests he is dating actress Dylan Conrique.


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Recently, Jett Lawrence fans have been sharing many videos on TikTok claiming his girlfriend is Cecilia Prado García.

Cecilia is best known for being the sister of a renowned Spanish motorcycle racer, Jorge Prado, who has competed in the Motocross World Championships since 2016.

In 2022, one of Jett’s fans uploaded a TikTok video, appearing sad after finding out Jett was in a relationship with his girlfriend.

In the comment section, another agreed with her statement, claiming, “I found out awhile ago 🥲 they posted a video walking on a beach together holding hands.

Similarly, other users also added by saying Cecilia used to post Jett’s photos on her Instagram story.

Furthermore, on November 14, 2022, a DirtbikeLover Facebook user uploaded a photo of Jett Lawrence along with Cecilia Prado, claiming they are in a relationship. The post’s caption read, “Jett Lawrence with his girlfriend Cecilia Prado—Jorge Prado’s Sister.

In the comment section, many fans expressed their mixed feelings about Jett’s relationship news. Some were concerned about its impact on his career, while others were supportive and happy for the couple.

After looking at the comment section and recent fans’ gossip on tiktok, it does look like Jett Lawrence and Cecilia Prado García had a romantic relationship in the past; however, they might not be in a relationship at present.

A Jett fan commented in one of the TikTok videos that they had been in a relationship for just a couple of months but broke up in late 2022.

Jett Lawrence’s close TikTok video with The Rookie star Dylan Conrique made people suspicious about their relationship

Amid clarifying the relationship controversy between Jett and Cecilia, many fans started talking about his current relationship.

In the same tiktok video, one fan claimed that Jett Lawrence started dating The Rookie star Dylan Conrique after his break up with Cecilia.

The TikTok user ✯𝐬𝐨𝐩𝐡𝐬_𝐟𝐫𝐟𝐫✯ commented in the video, confirming he is not in a relationship with Cecilia, “Guys, it’s not her anymore. It’s now Dylan Conrique.

Similarly, the racer uploaded a dance video with Dylan Conrique on his official TikTok account, tagging Dylan in it.

In the video, he wrote the caption, “Heh, Idek, what’s going on, so don’t comment please.

Further, one of the Jets fans seemed confused by their relationship and asked another user whether they were dating. Another replied, “Yes, they are.” She also mentioned that Dylan often posts about him on her Instagram story.

However, apart from all these fans talking and gossiping, the racer has not commented on his relationship with the actress nor posted any photos of her on his Instagram account.

Additional Information

  • Jettson Lawrence was born on August 7, 2003, in Landsborough, Queensland, Australia; however, he later moved to Europe in late 2015 to pursue motocross.
  • He has a brother named Hunter Lawrence, who is also a competitive motocross racer.
  • Jettson Lawrence’s rumored girlfriend, Dylan Conrique, is from Gilroy, California, USA. She is famous for her works in The Rookie (2018), Henry Danger (2014), and Chicken Girls (2017).
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