Jelly Roll son Noah’s adorable video with his stepmom Bunnie stole the hearts of many

Jelly Roll's son Noah lives with his mother, Melisa Ann Cowell after she got custody of him.


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Five-time CMT award-winning singer Jelly Roll barely used to post anything about his children, son Noah and daughter Bailey, on the media.

However, his 7-year-old son Noah recently made a rare appearance on TikTok with the help of his stepmom, Bunnie XO.

Barely one-minute-long video, uploaded on Saturday, June 1, has stolen the hearts of many tiktok users.

In the video, Bunnie walks away after saying, “Can you watch my bonus son alone?” Noah quickly runs toward the camera, smiling, and says hello.

He seems nervous and awkward in front of the camera, and it becomes hard for him to speak.

Finally, he says, “My name is Noah,” and pauses again. Later, he confirms that it was his first time talking to the camera, so he doesn’t know what to say. He also requests that his viewers be easy on him.

@xomgitsbunnie He asked to do a video so this is what we did ūü§£ What a qt pie ūü§ć #meetthedefords ‚ô¨ Sneaky Sneaky – Gold-Tiger

After a few seconds, Bunnie came again and asked him how it went, and he replied, “Uhhhh, I froze for a minute.

Noah’s innocent personality and looks in the video attract the attention of many people, and some even claim he looks like a young Jelly Roll.

Noah lives with his mother, Melisa Ann Cowell, after the separation of his parents

The Son of a Sinner singer had two children, Noah and a daughter, Bailee Ann, with his ex-girlfriend Melisa Ann Cowell.

However, Ann gets custody of their only son, Noah, after their separation, and Jelly gets his first daughter, Bailee.

Therefore, as Noah does not live with his father, he is out of the media most of the time. Further, Jelly also revealed that he goes out of his way to respect Noah and Melisa’s privacy.

However, Noah shares a very close bond with his sister Bailee, so he often comes to her father’s house. Jelly also revealed that Noah often joins them on family vacations.

During their time together, he got along with his stepmom, Bunnie, and has appeared making TikTok videos with her twice.

Additional Information

  • Jelly Roll gave birth to his son Noah Buddy DeFord in August 2016 and his daughter Bailee Ann, who was born on May 22, 2008.
  • He revealed that his daughter hated him because he was away from home 200 days a year.
  • Jelly Roll parents his teen daughter Bailee with his wife, Bunnie XO. Bailee also shares a close relationship with her stepmom, as they often make TikTok videos together.
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