Hawk Utah and Hawk Tuah are the same girl whose real name is Hailey Welch!

Hailey Welch's street interview video has reached millions of views on TikTok.


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A recent viral TikTok video has made Hailey Welch, mostly known as Hawk Utah Girl or, say, Hawk Tuah Girl, worldwide famous after she gives the savage answers to the interviewer.

The coolest interview video was uploaded by the TikTok star and YouTuber DMarloww, famous for asking interesting questions to people walking on the street.

Similarly, he asks Hailey Welch and her girlfriend, Chelsea Bradford, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?

@dmarloww She’s a keeper 😂 #foryou #viral #rizz #publicinterview #fypツ #xybca #nashville #6thstreet #reels #funny #tipsy #college #party #cmafest #hawktuahgirl ♬ original sound – DMarloww

To the reply, Hailey Welch says, “Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang,” which shocked the viewers about her personality and mentality.”

Ever since that viral video, many boys and girls have been fans of her personality and mentality, and they have given her nicknames such as ‘Hawk Utah Girl,’ ‘The Hawk Tuah Girl, and ‘Spit on That Thing Girl.’

A full interview video of a viral ‘Hawk Utah Girl’ is coming on YouTube soon!

As per the fans’ demand, DMarloww has promised his fans to release the full interview video of Hawk Utah Girl on Sunday, 23rd June 2024.

He has told Hailey Welch’s fans to subscribe to his YouTube channel, Tim & Dee TV, and turn on the post notification so they can watch the full interview as soon as he uploads.

Hawk Utah Girl
The YouTuber confirmed Hawk Utah Girl’s full video will be released on Sunday.

People’s curiosity about the ‘Hawk Utah girl’ has risen significantly as daily searches for her Instagram account increase.

However, the Instagram accounts of ‘Hawk Utah Girl’ Hailey and her fired Chelsea Bradford seem private.

@dmarloww Replying to @jammy0182 Bro does not miss! 🎯😂 #foryou #viral #rizz #publicinterview #fypツ #xybca #nashville #6thstreet #reels #funny #college #party #cmafest #hawktuahgirl ♬ original sound – DMarloww

Even though the pair’s Instagram ID is unavailable, her friend Chelsea Bradford, who was with her during the interview, uploaded many photos of them on her VSCO account.

Hailey and Chelsea Bradford identified each other as girlfriend and wife in the posts.

Additional Information

  • The viral ‘Hawk Utah Girl’s interview took place on 6th Street in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • People mistakenly search Hawk Utah Girl instead of Hawk Tuah Girl to find Hailey Welch’s viral video.
  • ‘Hawk Utah’ or ‘Hawk Putuh’ is slang for under-the-bedsheet activities. It has been commonly used in memes since 2021.
  • YouTuber DMarloww’s YouTube channel gained many subscriptions after his short interview with Hailey Welch and Chelsea Bradford.
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