Guatemala Farruko Pop, who lost his life at the young age of 18, seemingly became the victim of violence!

Guatemala-based-singer Farruko Pop's lifeless body was discovered in the northern area of Guatemala city.


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An emerging Guatemalan singer and TikToker, Farruko Pop is no longer alive now. On May 25, authorities discovered him lifeless, wrapped in a sheet, and buried two meters underground in an abandoned house at Zone 18 of the capital known as El Limón.

His lifeless body had several scratches and signs of violence, and especially the mark on his neck instantly made officials believe that his demise was not accidental but a planned one.

However, prosecutors put his body for forensic investigation for further details. After examination, the National Institute of Forensic Sciences Guatemala stated that Farruko was massacred at least four or five days before.

Farruko’s family had filed his missing reports on May 20 last Sunday. In that case, there’s a high possibility that shortly after he disappeared, his life was put to an end.

Farruko Pop’s last family visit became his brother’s house in Zone 1

According to Elmundo reports, Farruko Pop was last seen at his brother’s house in Zone 1 of Guatemala City. After that, he didn’t come in contact with his family; out of fear, they registered his missing.

Soon after, prosecutors checked several surveillance camera footages to find Farruko’s traces and eventually located Farruko en route to the shopping center by taxi and then a motorcycle taxi to reach Zone 18.

After that, an official investigated two properties and finally discovered the singer’s red cap, which he was wearing at the time of his disappearance, and also a few bills in his name. Likewise, beverage cans and several weapons were on the site.

Well, all this evidence may be enough to examine Farruko’s case thoroughly, but meanwhile, reports say that he allegedly passed away of strangulation. Further authentic details are yet to come.

Guatemalan influencer Farruko Pop was a Livingstone native

Born Jorge Sebastián Pop, an emerging singer and influencer, Farruko came from a humble background. From the very beginning, he aspired to become a singer and somehow managed to record songs.

Initially rising as a TikToker, he paved his path in the music industry and garnered praise from his audiences. He had 12,132 listeners on his Spotify account.

At such a young age, he made his parents and grandparents proud. But now, as he is no longer, it has brought tragedy to his family, there’s no doubt.

Meanwhile, his family’s only target must be punishing his perpetrator. They are not alone in this, as the president of Guatemala, Bernardo Arévalo, appears to be adamant about providing justice to Farruko.

On May 26, 2024, the president posted a long tweet offering condolences to the grieving Pop family. The tweet ended with the line, “Rest in peace, Sebastian. For the young people of this country, we will seek justice.”

Hopefully, the young emerging singer Farruko will get justice sooner or later if he really was a victim of violence.

Additional Information

  • Guatemalan influencer Farruko Pop was from Livingstone, Izabal. According to reports, he moved to San Pedro Carcha with his family, including a little brother, sister, grandparents, and parents.
  • Farruko had participated in the contest La Academia and couldn’t make it to the final.
  • His stage name, Farruko Pop, was reportedly a homage to the famous singer Farruko, whom he considered his idol in music.
  • Amidst the rumors, the information about Farruko Pop’s girlfriend and parents remains private.
  • Before the demise, Farruko Pop auditioned for ‘The Academy’, whose video is virally circulating online.
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