Gabbriette Bechtel is a Hispanic born to German and Mexican parents, Gary and Chayo

Gabbriette Bechtel moved to Los Angeles with a dream to be ballet dancer but found herself shooting music videos for Blood Orange.


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Matty Healy and Gabbriette Bechtel finally accepted that they are engaged, as Healy’s mother, Denise, confirmed it on her Instagram by tagging the model’s parents, Gary and Chayo. In the meantime, Bechtel, too, shared a photo flaunting her black diamond ring.

Gabbriette Bechtel, famous for her 90s goth girl aesthetic appearance, first sparked dating rumors with the 1975 band frontman around mid-2023.

At the time, she was rising as a model, walking down Diesel’s autumn/winter 2023 runway and starring in campaigns for Skims, Veneta, Savage X Fenty, Heaven By Marc Jacobs, and Bottega.

Bechtel mentioned that she had worked hard and served as an unpaid model for a long time to reach the height she is today, as her initial dream was to be a ballet dancer.

Gabbriette Bechtel even had to hear awful things during her high school in Orange County, California, because she and her sister were the only Hispanic among the predominantly white classmates.

Yet, she handled the situation humorously and later moved to Los Angeles with her family after completing high school, which eventually became a turning point for her career.

Gabbriette Bechtel went viral with her cooking skills she inherited from her parents’ different cultures

Gabbriette Bechtel, born Gabriella Leigh Bechtel, is a 26 year-old model and musician with mixed ethnicity, thanks to her parents.

She was born to a Swiss-German millionaire father, Gary Bechtel, and a Mexican mother, Chayo Bechtel, who had tied the knot for almost 33 years, as they married on February 17, 1991.

Gary Bechtel, 66, is the CEO of Red Oak Capital Holdings, LLC, with over 36 years of experience in the commercial real estate finance industry.

Meanwhile, Chayo Bechtel, 63, initially worked in her husband’s company, but her current status remains unknown, as she is secretive about her life.

Gary and Chayo are parents to another daughter, Marcella Bechtel, who is older than Gabbriette Bechtel and currently lives in Austin, Texas.

While growing up, Bechtel mentioned that her family would always be cooking delicacies as Gary would grill something out of nowhere or make sauerkraut, while Chayo would give a Mexican twist to her recipe.

Family meals and the cooking process were what brought them closer, as the entire Bechtel family would talk about their day in the kitchen.

Eventually, Bechtel, too, tried to involve herself in cooking and filming videos during COVID-19.

Her food vlog started to gain traction, and her video reached almost 100k likes in two years. This inspired Bechtel to work on a cookbook and to dream of opening a cafe.

At the time, Gabbriette Bechtel was also a lead singer to the punk rock band Nasty Cherry, chosen by singer Charli XCX.

Thanks to the Boom Clap singer, many believe Bechtel and Matt Healy met each other through the pop singer, as Healy had collaborated with Charli on the 2021 single Spinning.

Additional Information

  • Gabbriette Bechtel and Matt Healy first sparked the dating rumor in September 2023 when fans saw them kissing, hugging, and holding hands in New York City.
  • Bechtel had a relationship with model Levi Dylan, while Healy was with Taylor Swift, which ended in June 2023.
  • Gabbriette Bechtel officially announced her engagement with Matt Healy through an Instagram post on June 13, 2024, flaunting her black diamond ring. Healy’s mother, Denise, further confirmed it on Loose Women Wednesday morning.
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