Pathologist Cyril Wecht met his wife, Sigrid Wecht, while serving in the Air Force

Sigrid Wecht and Cyril Wecht had been together for over six decades.


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According to media outlets and Wikipedia, pathologist Cyril Wecht first met his future wife, Sigrid Wecht, in around 1959 while serving in the Air Force in Alabama.

At that time, Cyril Wecht was a captain in the medical corps, and Sigrid Ronsdal, now Sigrid Ronsdal Wecht, was also working in the same department.

After two years of dating, Cyril Wecht and Sigrid Wecht tied the knot in 1961. After a year, they moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and started a family.

Even after his marriage, Cyril Wecht did not stop his education as he joined the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and received a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland School of Law.

During his education at the University of Pittsburgh, his four children, their sons David Wecht, Daniel Wecht, Benjamin Wecht, and Yongest’s daughter Ingrid Wecht, were born.

Cyril Wecht often traveled for research and work while his wife, Sigrid Wecht, stayed home to care for their four children.

Cyril Wecht was devoted to his family as he would make time for his wife and children despite his busy schedule

Many of Wecht’s family and friends claimed Cyril Wecht was very of a family person, which must be the secret of his decade-long happy marital life with his wife, Sigrid Wecht.

Despite their busy schedule, he always spent quality time with his wife and children.

As per his colleague Michael Baden, Wecht would always meet his children and wife every week or every Sunday, and they would have dinner together.

Further, the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts obituary states, “Wecht loved his family and made their happiness, well-being, and education his top priority.

He lived till the age of 93 due to his family’s love and support. However, now he has left behind his wife, Sigrid, four children, and 11 grandchildren.

After his passing, many people prayed for his family in the obituary, including Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, who said, “Today, Lori and I are praying for his wife Sigrid, their four children, and the entire Wecht family.

Additional Information

  • Sigrid Wecht might be in her 70s or 80s, as her birth date is unavailable in the media. Her real name is Sigrid Ronsdal; however, after marrying her husband, Cyril Wecht, she became Sigrid Ronsdal Wecht.
  • Cyril and Sigrid Wecht’s youngest daughter, Ingrid Wecht, is an OB/GYN specialist and mother of two. Their son, Daniel, went to Harvard and did medical school at Penn.
  • Sigrid Wecht’s husband, Cyril Wecht, has performed over 20,000 autopsies and 40,000 post-mortems throughout his decade-long career as a forensic pathologist, according to his Wikipedia.
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