Bronson Pinchot never got married after his split with his fiancee Amy Heckerling

Due to his unmarried status to date, many speculated Bronson Pinchot might be gay.


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The 65-year-old actor Bronson Pinchot has no wife or children, as he never married any woman.

It is unclear whether he does not want to get married or has not found the right partner, as the Perfect Strangers alum has yet to reveal any reason for not starting a family.

However, many believe that after his last heartbreak with Amy Heckerling, he lost hope of starting a family with another woman.

Amy Heckerling, an American film director, was the lady Bronson Pinchot planned to marry after their engagement in 1997. Pinchot was five years younger than his fiancee, Heckerling.

However, before they could walk down the aisle together, they broke up in the same year. They were in a relationship for four years, from 1993 to 1997.

After his relationship with the film director, there has been no news about him dating any women, and most sites confirmed that Bronson Pinchot is living a single life without a wife and children.

As per the sources, Pinchot was in a relationship with Wren Mullaney before dating Amy Bronson.

Bronson Pinchot previously revealed becoming depressed after his toxic relationship with his girlfriend

80s famous sitcom star Bronson Pinchot shared how sorrowful and depressed his life had been when he was dating a girl who barely seemed to care for him.

Even though his career flourished due to his work in the sitcom Perfect Strangers, he did not feel happy.

The Beverly Hills Cop alum said on Page Six while remembering his time with that girl, “I would go home and my then girlfriend wouldn’t even look up from the TV,”

The actor further revealed that it had gone so extreme that he needed a therapist, though he first refused to go as he did not want to stir the pot.

However, after counseling with the therapist, he said they could not believe he had survived that long in that relationship.

That relationship of Bronson Pinchot might be the reason he is single to date.

Further, in the same interview with Page Six, the actor claimed that despite hordes of women throwing themselves at him, he never gave in to their offers.

Additional Information

  • Born on May 20, 1959, in Manhattan, New York, Bronson Pinchot is famous for his role as Balki Bartokomous on the ABC sitcom ‘Perfect Strangers.
  • Bronson Pinchot’s grandparents were Russian but later moved to France after the Russian Revolution. Further, his father changed his surname from Poncharavsky to Pinchot after returning to the USA.
  • Bronson Pinchot is a successful American actor with approximately $2 million net worth.
  • Many people and news sources confirmed actor Bronson Pinchot being gay without any substantial proof. The actor neither made headlines dating a guy nor confirmed being gay.
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