Bhad Bhabie gets abused by Le Vaughn, the father of her newborn baby, Kali Love

Bhad Bhabie and Le Vaughn separated after four years of relationship from 2020 to 2024.


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Bhad Bhabie, who recently started experiencing motherhood, released a video of getting physically abused by Le Vaughn, the father of her newborn baby Kali Love.

On Sunday, 7 Juen 2024, Danielle Marie Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, shared a picture and video of herself with a black and bruised eye on her Instagram story, showing the evidence of domestic violence.

In the post, the rapper Bhad Bhabie claimed her estranged boyfriend, Le Vaughn, the father of her baby Kali Love, is trying to get custody of their only child.

The disturbing video uploaded by the rapper Bhad Bhabie has gone viral on the media, leading many people to search for her baby Kali Love’s daddy, Le Vaughn.

Le Vaughn was an ordinary person before his relationship with the rapper Bhad Bhabie

Le Vaughn did not get popularity from his hard work but through his multimillionaire girlfriend, Bhad Bhabie, who holds approximately $25 million net worth in 2024.

Therefore, even after his popularity, the media has not covered Le Vaughn’s personal life and family, including his father, mother, and siblings.

Although his profession is not clear yet, according to the People, he is passionate about fashion.

On most of his Instagram posts, he appears to be highlighting his unique personal style, which includes wearing a graphic T-shirt and Nike sneakers. Further, People claimed his favorite brand is Balenciaga.

According to his choices of fashion, clothing, and lifestyle on his social media sites, Le Vaughn does look like a rich kid from a high-class family.

However, despite his financial condition, people started recognizing him after he started dating Bhad Bhabie in July 2020.

After three years of their relationship, they welcomed a daughter named Kali Love, born in March 2024. Despite their long-term relationship and starting a family, Bhad Bhabie and Le Vaughn never got married.

However, in May 2024, just two months after the baby’s birth, Bhad Bhabie and her daughter’s daddy, Le Vaughn, separated.

After the breakup, Vaughn and Bhad Bhabie are probably single, as they have not spotted with any girl or boy yet.

Further, Bhad is probably busy raising her daughter as a single mother. On the other hand, all of a sudden, Le Vaughn came out asking for the custody of their child while creating a huge, disturbing scenario.

And with all the receipts of domestic abuse, I am pretty sure Le Vaughn is not getting custody of Bhad Bhabie’s princess.

Additional Information

  • Born on March 26, 2003, Bhad Bhabie’s real name is Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli. She had a tough childhood as her parent’s father, Ira Peskowitz, and mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli, divorced when she was an infant.
  • Bhad Bhabie became the youngest female rapper to earn a Billboard Hot 100 hit with her single These Heaux. She has 1,763,037 monthly listeners on Spotify, where top songs include ‘Gucci Flip Flops,’ ‘Hi Bich, 22,’ and ‘Geek’d.’
  • Through a YouTube video, Bhad Bhabie first revealed her then-boyfriend, Le Vaughn. The couple remained private during the first years of their relationship.
  • After Bhad Bhabie broke up with her boyfriend, her baby daddy, Le Vaughn, almost disappeared from the media. He is not active on his social media sites.
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