BGV vocalist Dante Hall’s net worth might be over $1 million at the time of his passing in 2024!

The inheritor of Dante Hall appears to be his mother Sally Durrell.


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Grammy-nominated Chicago Gospel musician Dante Hall suddenly passed away on June 30, 2024, at the age of 47. A day after, a fellow singer, J Paul, honored his legacy on social media and spoke highly of him.

Dedicating a post on his Instagram, Paul wrote, “Don’t like that I’m saying this R.I.P. KING DANTE HALL. You are one of the most nicest kings I’ve ever known.” Well, he was well-deserving to be honored with the word ‘king,’ as he spent most of his life contributing to black music as an independent artist.

Dante Hall was one of the lead vocalists for the Chicago-based elite team BGV. According to several sources, a band vocalist makes an average of $49,101.

In that case, just within decades of his singing career, Dante might have accumulated half a million dollars, and we believe he had a longer singing career than we counted here, so his earnings were also higher than the mentioned speculated amount.

Dante Hall was also the owner of a restaurant, Donnie’s Place, and a grocery store

Dante Hall was also into business, aside from music. According to his Instagram bio, he owned a restaurant called Donnie’s Place in Bellwood, Illinois, where he served various foods to his customers.

Likewise, Donnie’s place was also a platform for several artists to rehearse and perform music. As sources suggest, the restaurant owner makes an average annual income of $268,922; that means it took just 5 years for Dante Hall to add $1 million to his bank account.

Further, he owned the grocery store Donnie’s Food and Liquor in Chicago, Illinois, which served as his extra income source.

In addition to his business and band, Dante released some singles and EPs, including What About My Love, Tripping Out, and Simply Beautiful.

He was also the author of Growing Up Black: Things My Grandparents Said. So, with such a multifaceted career, Dante Hall undoubtedly made a large sum of money, eventually contributing to his net worth.

To sum up all this, we highly believe that the Chicago musician Dante Hall was a multi-millionaire with a net worth of over $1 million.

Additional Information

  • Dante Hall was a class of 1994 Lane Tech College Prep graduate, as per his Facebook information.
  • Dante earned a pre-pharmacy degree from Purdue University and later enrolled at DePaul University to study accounting.
  • The day Dante passed away, he updated a post announcing that the Self-Funded Dante Hall Classic Tour ended in Chicago. As his passing was sudden, people assumed that the cause of his demise was a car accident.
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