Aubreigh Wyatt’s case got attention again after her mother, Heather Wyatt, presented alleged bullying proof, leading to her getting sued

Aubreigh Wyatt case resurfaced after her mother took the step to file case against the bullies on April, 2024.


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Almost a year after Aubreigh Wyatt, a 13-year-old girl from Ocean Springs, took her life due to continuous alleged bullying, her case is on TikTok and Twitter as her mother, Heather Wyatt, found a letter from her daughter.

The video went viral on TikTok, where Heather screamed a devastating cry after reading the first line from her daughter’s letter, although she did not read it aloud.

Before the letter, Heather Wyatt shared Facebook texts and chats between Aubreigh and her bullying friends as proof, but the powerful got their hand on the mother and sued her in Jackson County Chancery Court.


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What broke the hearts of millions was Aubreigh Wyatt’s mother had her social media suspended under a judge’s order after the alleged teenage bully’s parents sued Heather for raising her voice, and the order was ‘to protect the minor involved in the case.’

This came under public scrutiny, as people sympathizing with Heather’s pain started petitions demanding that the court be fair in the case.

Among all is the best friend of Aubreigh Wyatt, who also has an ongoing petition where she mentioned that it is not fair for the dead and her surviving family and the court should not hide the girls.

Heather Wyatt and her husband were employees at the school where their daughter Aubreigh got bullied

Aubreigh Paige Wyatt, an eighth-grade student, was born on March 17, 2010, to her Christian belief parents, mother, Heather Wyatt, and father, whose name is unknown.

She was a 13-year-old cheerful child, popular in the entire neighborhood, and like any normal girl, loved sharing videos on TikTok.

Aubreigh’s mother is a former primary school teacher at Ocean Springs Elementary School. While many say her father is also an employee at Ocean Springs Middle School, his role remains a mystery.

They were present in the school when Aubreigh was suffering from constant bullying for years, which mainly started when she was in fifth grade.

Her mother tried to raise her voice and file a complaint against the school authorities and parents of the bullies, but no one heard her.

Eventually, the teenager could not take it and ended her life, which her mother claims is impossible as Aubreigh never had sui***al intent. Even the night before her death, she was planning for Christmas gifts.

Devastated by the news, Heather wanted to avoid the reputation of the scenario for other children of the same age, so she started advocating for mental health through Instagram and TikTok.

The ones who are surviving Aubreigh Wyatt in their memory are her brother Ryker Woods, sister Taylor Wyatt, grandfather Carey Wyatt, and her entire family, including her cat, Zeus.

Additional Information

  • Heather Wyatt resigned from her position as the elementary teacher months after Aubreigh’s death.
  • Aubreigh mother, Heather, is running a GoFundMe and PayPal page under the title ‘Family of Aubreigh,Wyatt (Wyatt Family): Legal Fees,’ which seems to be a success. It has already collected $75,245 through 3.1K people’s donations.
  • She has created a temporary TikTok account to raise her voice but can not reveal the entire scenario as the court might ban it again. Her next court hearing is on July 18.
  • Many are trying to hide the names of the teenagers involved in the case, but the media quickly caught it: M. Noblitt, P. Hembree, A. Case, and P. Green.
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