Ambar Driscoll says her ethnicity is half Bangladeshi and half English


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Renowned Internet personality Ambar Driscoll claims no one can guess her ethnicity correctly, as she comes from two different heritage family backgrounds.

Her mother is of British nationality, but she was originally from Bangladesh, whereas her father is entirely British and white.

Due to her parents’ different ethnicity, Ambar Driscoll has two different heritages, Bangladeshi and English.

Further, Ambar Driscoll identifies herself as a desi girl, making people amazed as she looks completely white, which she got from her father.

Moreover, most people on the internet said she was Swedish due to her appearance and hair color. Similalry, in an Instagram post, Ambar Driscoll talks about her ethnicity, saying, “Someone asked me if I was from Sweden a few days ago; this hair must confuse people – I’m actually half Bangladeshi half English 🇧🇩🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿”

Further, in a TikTok video, Ambar Driscoll challenges her followers to guess her ethnicity by pulling her hair up and showing her natural face and bone structures.

However, most people fail to guess her ethnic background, as they claim she is from Sweden, Greece, Turkey, or Britain.

In the comment section, one also admires her grey eyes, saying, “Regardless of your heritage, you have beautiful eyes.”

However, some also gave the right answers, saying they were half Bangladeshi and half English after watching her two-minute confirmation videos, in which she talks about her whole family and childhood.

Key Takeaways

  • Ambar Driscoll is of mixed ethnicity, as her mother has Bangladeshi heritage and her father is British.
  • Due to her parent’s different ethnic backgrounds, she celebrates Eid and Christmas.
  • Ambar claims her to be nonreligious as she does not believe in any god.

Despite having two different ethnicity, Ambar Driscoll does not follow any religion

In a two-minute TikTok video, Ambar Driscoll claims that she does not follow any religion anymore, as he does not really believe in god, as stated in her video.

However, she claimed that despite being nonreligious, she celebrates Eid with her family, as she spends most of her time with her Bengali family.

Further, she got to embrace Bengali culture more deeply after she decided to live with her mother when her parents divorced.

Her mother’s side of the family followed the Muslim religion, so she was also raised Muslim and used to go to mosques every Friday and Saturday, and went to an Islam camp.

As Ambar Driscoll also attended Arabic school, she can speak Arabic, shocking her followers who do not know about her ethnicity and family background.

Further, her pure silver-white hair makes people think she is from Nordic countries, as many claim she is Swedish.

Despite being an atheist, she also celebrates Christmas as her father is a Christian. Moreover, her fiancee Caspar is also White, and many people often question her, asking, “Is it okay with your family you are dating a white man?”

Ambar Driscoll answers the fans, saying they have no problem with what religion people she dates. Further, her boyfriend is very close to her grandparents from her mother’s side, whom she calls Nana and Nani, as she showed the photo of her Nana hugging her boyfriend.

Moreover, Caspar loves exploring Bengali culture and appears to be wearing a traditional dress along with Ambar and her family members.

Ambar has also decided to take him to visit her hometown, Bangladesh, to meet her grandparents, as they spend half a year in London and half in Bangladesh.


Does Ambar Driscoll have a sister?

Yes, Ambar Driscoll does have a sister named Aisha Driscoll. However, people say they do not look like siblings, as her sister has Asian looks, which she got from her mother’s side, and Ambar looks completely white, having most of her father’s genes.

What is Ambar Driscoll’s net worth?

As a well-known internet personality and YouTuber, she lives a lavish life; however, her exact net worth figure is not available.

Where did Ambar Driscoll go for schooling?

As Ambar Driscoll was raised in London, she also completed her schooling there.

Does Ambar Driscoll have a husband?

Ambar Driscoll has not tied the knot yet, but she recently got engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Caspar.

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