Amanda Seales revealed her partner, Devon Wilson, was her college sweetheart, but are they still dating?

Amanda Seales once defined herself as a 'very affectionate, a partner-driven monogamous type of person' when it come to a romantic relationship.


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During her appearance at the Jason Lee Show about a year ago, American actress and Comedian Amanda Seales openly talked about her romantic partner, Devon Wilson.

When the program host Jason questioned Amanda Seales about her relationship with her partner Devon, she said, “We were together in college. We broke up for 20 years, and we got back together.”

During the conversation, she further said that she and Devon were nineteen when they first dated. Amanda then added, “It was not full of roses. I will say we both went through like our own life journeys and we stayed in touch that whole time it wasn’t like he was completely off the map.”

But he got married like he lived a whole like he changed careers, he went to navy…. he found himself at that time and I found myself in that time so when we got back together….

Well, in the same conversation, Amanda Seales also revealed that her partner doesn’t like to post pictures publicly and she absolutely has no problem with that. In the meantime, she stated, “I respect his wishes that he is not the I’m here kinda person.

Amanda has had such an honest and respectful relationship with her high school sweetheart, Devon, but are they still in a relationship? Well, not. An Instagram clip uploaded by her shows that the two broke up before 2024 Valentine’s Day.

Amanda Seales announced herself single in the ‘Real Love Scenario’ Podcast two months back

In February 2024, Comedian Amanda Seales appeared on the podcast Real Love Scenario, where she discussed her relationship status, her breakup, and more.

While questioning her about her relationship, the podcast hosts said, “Last time you were on the show you were in a relationship before, and shortly after you are no longer.

In the podcast show, her Instagram reel was also displayed, where she announced herself single in a creative way, saying, “Amanda Alert, she is back in the street.

Further in the show, when the podcast hosts asked what happened between her and her beau, Amanda answered, “I crossed over into the space of maturity which my partner just didn’t want to go to.

Amanda Seales also indirectly blamed her former partner for being an opportunist and herself dumb for not recognizing his true intention.

Additional Information

  • Amanda Seales is an actress and comedian who became famous for her role as Deonne in the Nickelodeon sitcom My Brother and Me.
  • Amanda Seales attended SUNY-Purchase College and then enrolled at Columbia University for a master’s degree.
  • Her mother is Annette Seales, a native of Mt. Moritz, Grenada.
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