This 7 track collection takes on the London artist’s motto in full effect, “Expect The Unexpected”.The Ninetys EP is an effortless showcase of versatility & an array of styles which never quite binds to one particular genre. Every track surprises & embodies influences from across the board; a wide spectrum of hard-hatting bass lines through to eloquent & fluid rhythms.  It’s easy to see why The Ninetys is recognized as a fast emerging UK talent, with a chameleon like skill to quickly adapt & progress as his own artistic direction constantly evolves. In short, a dedication to the craft & motivation to astound will be the reason this EP marks the beginning of something very special for The Ninetys.

via: Cream Collective

The outstanding music from the UK keeps flowing. Fresh off the press is The Ninetys EP by London producer, Jordan Pryce – Royal (AKA The Ninetys). The EP is brought to you by the Cream Collective. You can download it HERE.

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Track list:

01 The Witching Hour
02 Slide Out
03 ICantKeepCalm(MyMamaStillWorking)
04 Put it On Me
05 Steal Corners
06 Mark Zuckerberg

ninetys_02 ninetys_01