The game is comprised of both single and multiplayer modes. As a single player, your space travel begins on a red planet with its unique moon and extends across galaxies. It’s a combination of adventure and exploration with navigation-based puzzle solving but since each Galaxy consists of a thousand Systems – it will only be possible to fully discover the mysteries of MirrorMoon EP while collaborating with other players. The multiplayer of MirrorMoon EP lets players share Galaxy Maps with other players: the first explorers to land on a planet will be able to name its Star System and that name will be forever bound to the star for any other fellow traveler who encounters it.

The game was made in Unity 3D and most of the 3D assets were modeled in Blender. The game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam and DRM free through Humble Store for $9.99. It is also soon to be available on the OUYA game console. – Creative Applications


MirrorMoon is an indie game that challenges players to explore outer space. Unlike most games, MirrorMoon is not concerned with the constant need for stimulation. The game allows players to experience the solitude of being alone in space. MirroMoon was developed by the Italian collective, Santa Ragione and will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam.


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