Well where do I start? Ten months ago we set out to shoot a spread for The Superslice. We threw together a video to document the event and it was incredibly well received (Follow Me | The Superslice). This time around, we teamed up again with the addition of the luxury Downtown L.A. boutique studio, 1906 Studios. I normally like to include somewhat of a story to my videos even if it’s as simple as “unicorn at the supermarket“, but this time the video is purely about Constance. She is made of fire. I have worked with tons of models over the past 5 years and she makes my job the easiest…she is, “gratuitous sexiness”. So here she is once again…enjoy. -Alan Mura, Photographer Extraordinaire


With all due respect to our colleague, frequent contributor and ultra-homie, Alan Mura, there’s NOTHING gratuitous about the perfect cocktail of verve, sex appeal, beauty, fashion and photography. In fact, it’s absolutely essential hot sauce.

Just when you thought summer couldn’t get any hotter, or Mura’s work couldn’t get any steamier, here comes the follow-up installment to our previous collaboration featuring atomic hottie, Constance Nunes. She’s a vixen, she’s a killer and she’ll destroy you. It’s a Superslice scorcher and an instant classic. Sheeeeeeeeit.

This turn, Los Angeles boutique photo and film studio, 1906 Studios, has entered the fray. They let us use their gorgeous 1,700 square foot space, located in the über-hip and edgy downtown fabric. Also showcased are the sultry wares and fashion-forward stylings of Jesse J Collections.

We’re proud to be affiliated with this great team. You cannot handle this summah fiyah. You cannot touch this volcanic activity. Literally.




Photographer/Director/Editor:     Alan Mura on Facebook
Model:     Constance Nunes on Facebook
Makeup:     Chris (with 1906 Studios) on Facebook
Hair Styling:     Sophia Nawabi on Facebook
Wardrobe Styling:     Jesse J Collections on Facebook
Photographers Assistant:     Ernest Delisanti on Facebook
Shot at:     1906 Studios on Facebook

Segment 1: Ghosts of a Future Lost / Clint Mansell
Vocal Sample: The Knock (Drums of Death Pt 2) / UNKLE
Segment 2: Oblivion / Grimes (DJ Sliink Remix)


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