The scene is seen through a camera roaming over the landscape, with the environment transitioniong through a set of pre-defined moods. Landscape moods influence the intensity of the storm, the music, the fog colour and the sound effects. The scene may transition from intense, loud and aggressive storms to gentle, quiet snow flurries. When a visitor is detected, the camera moves towards them, choosing from a set of close up camera positions. If no visitors interact with the piece, the camera switches into wide shots of the landscape framing the captured ghosts within.

via Creative Applications.


Ghost is an interactive installation simulating a snow storm consuming an unknown desolate landscape. The visitor’s skeletal movements are recorded using the open source  OpenNI framework and inserted into the simulation as rendered ghosts. Ghost was showcased at Eyebeam in New York City this past spring.


Created by Thomas Traum  and Tim Gfrerer  for the EPFL+ECAL Lab  as part of the Give Me More exhibition at Eybeam, NYC in Spring 2013.
Music by Simon Pyke.




ghost_07 ghost_06 ghost_05 ghost_04 ghost_03 ghost_02 ghost_01