Here is the official music video for the super team-up of pop prince Justin Timberlake and rap king Jay Z. We previously premiered Suit & Tie, the first single off of JT’s long-awaited comeback album, The 20/20 Experience. The crispy clean, lean visuals were directed by one of the premiere directors of our time, all-time favorite  —David Fincher. Fincher previously directed Timberlake when the singer and dual-threat artist portrayed Sean Parker in The Social Network.

Remember when Diddy tried to emulate the Rat Pack? Aside from the presence of Aaron Paul…how laughable! Well, I buy Justin and Shawn as the neo-Frank-Dean-and-Sammy. I’m cool wit it. The classic, black and white visuals by Fincher and Co. are damn succulent. My only gripe with this video is the token appearance of iPads. You’ve done a great job of transporting us to an elegant, throwback time and you distract the viewer with these modern objects? Way to make your beautiful music video dated. But this is a nitpick; it’s worth the gaze of your eyeballs.

By the way, I watched The Game while I was working the other day. We might’ve cried, a little, at the conclusion. It’s one of those movies that pops up on cable, every blue moon, and you can’t change the channel. The film is almost sixteen years old and still holds up as one of our top 5 films of-all-time. Actually, I think it’s underrated; there’s not one superfluous and unnecessary scene in the film. I don’t get tired of watching the flick like I’ll never tire of scarfing down my dad’s homemade xíu mai. So effin good. You can put that in stone. Fincher > Hitchcock.

Anyway, JT and HOV are planning a stadium tour. Arena concerts plain suck but I would seriously consider attending this show just to witness the sheer concentration of swagger. Sheeeeeeeeit.

Peep the remix of this track by Julio Bashmore and download it below…