Unadulterated sweetness ensues. We guarantee you have never seen a skateboarding video like the one presented here. This intoxicating, aerial video short is what you get when you combine a deck clad with LEDs, a decent street skater (the director) on the Czech Republic streets, and one of those remote control drones (also see quadrotors) equipped with a video camera. The hardware used is from JamCopters, which is also based in CZ. We theorize the LED lights are affixed adjacent to the trucks, on the deck above the wheels, so they don’t get crushed when performing tricks; genius!

Directed by the actual skater, Jan Minol, from Samadhi Production, this is sure to be the first of a long line of videos. It’s life imitating video games/art. So very bitchin’ and kewl.

Also, be sure to watch the making of the video below.


via The Creators Project

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