This short was created as a proof-of-concept for a feature about sushi chefs fighting sea monsters. It’s a crazy idea, but one we just really wanted to see made. So, we made it.

We sorely miss the tone of those big, fun fantasy movies we grew up with–movies like Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and Big Trouble in Little China. We also want to continue the tradition of more recent movies like The Host and District 9 where strong story, characters, and humor take priority over expensive VFX sequences.

This is a fantastic monster movie short directed by Dan Blank and produced by Los Angeles-based Vanishing Angle. It features some wildly out-of-scale sea monsters and some grand action sequences. You’ll never look at sushi in the same way after watching Monster Roll.

It’s amazing what people are doing independently these days. We hope this is a teaser for something bigger, like a feature film; this talented crew deserves a shot. Big and fun indeed.