This Amazing Time Lapse Video Shows Sandy’s Assault On New York And The Moment The Lights Went Out

A camera on top of 2 Northside Piers shows New York before Sandy rolled in, its destructive approach, and the sudden loss of power as the storm surge flooded lower Manhattan.

This is the best angle and the longest exposure we’ve yet seen of Sandy’s full impact. The video was created by Silas Maniatis.

via Jalopnik

New York City under siege at 30 seconds per frame. This video begins at 1 PM on Sunday, October 28th and concludes approximately around 2:30 PM on Tuesday, October 30th.

Be sure to check out some beautiful shots of Manhattan during the blackout by Paul McGeiver.




Observations from NOAA’s GOES-13 and GOES-15 satellites from Oct. 21-30, 2012, shows the birth of Tropical Storm Sandy in the Caribbean Sea, the intensification and movement of Sandy in the Atlantic Ocean along the U.S. East Coast, and the landfall of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey on Oct. 29, via