After the state of New York gives the police access to “The Grid,” a new technology that allows people to purchase anything with a quick scan of their fingerprint, crime drops almost instantly. However, they also discover that certain people are popping up in two places at once. via

What if we lived in a Panopticon society where every surface you came in contact with was embedded with the technology to record and monitor you? What if the government had constant access to that data? Here is a film that ponders these questions and sets it adrift in New York City, in 2023.

PLURALITY is an impressive science fiction short film by commercial and music video director, Dennis Liu. The film took two years to make with a small production crew and a limited budget. The short was written by Ryan Condal and was shot by cinematographer, Jon Chen.

Although we’re seeing a familiar motif used in the medium of sci-fi, this film is definitely worth your time. I’ll also excuse one or two heavy-handed moments because I was thoroughly entertained by this high-production short story. By the way, it’s good to see that Bluetooth communication devices still look douche-y in the near future.

Check it out; make it viral…


Directed by Dennis Liu
Written by Ryan Condal
Produced by Jonathan Hsu and Dennis Liu
Cinematography by Jon Chen
Music by Pakk Hui
Starring: Jeff Nissani, Samantha Strelitz and John Di Domenico