These are a group of Photos taken over about 1.5 Hours at sundown in New York City. New York architecture has always fascinated me from a historical and architectural perspective. My goal of taking these photos have changed in some way over the course of me shooting them back in 2010. The goal was to be at a spot to capture the largest part of the building, as much as can be seen in one shot. They are sliced together to form 1 single Photo but you need to look at the top of each Photo. At the top are the exact times to the second of what time the picture was taken. You can see the change of light from daylight to night time in the single image. This is an ongoing project that over time will take on some changes as it evolves. These are only a few of the buildings shot so far.

via Behance (Richard Silver)

see the rest of Richard’s collection at Flickr