British synth-pop band and Superslice favorite, Metronomy have just released this auspicious cover of Hypnose. The original instrumentals are by the influential synth artist Jean Michel Jarre. The outcome is wonderful; synth on top of synth. Hypnose, featured on the forthcoming Late Night Tales compilation is available for purchase HERE.


The idea was simply to film peoples pets. The mysterious music was intended to offset the images of the pets to make them seem more disturbing than they usually are. Or maybe they are disturbing. We had fun going to peoples houses and seeing what would happen with their animals. Most of the time we didn’t get what we wanted as it is difficult for pets to act. but sometimes we would get really funny moments. It was fun to do something where you don’t have a clue what the outcome was going to be. Thanks to drew O’Neill the producer, Arthur Loveday the D.O.P., Maria Cecilia for all sorts, Lara Lancereau and Sarah Espeute for helping with the concept. And thanks to the pets and owners and Metronomy fans that took part.

via Daniel Brereton Vimeo