Like living organisms; a breathing artificial skin garment with pulsing veins (air is pumping through the veins to simulate a pulse), the pulse increases when you approach and the neckpiece deflates on touch as sign of trust.

Local Androids, a Dutch designer duo (Cor and Leonie Baauw) who mix 2D, 3D, traditional, digital and moving images, created interactive “skin-fashion” made for Technosensual, an exhibition were fashion and technology meet. Their work is a deliciously odd, creepy, creative and alien mixture of organicism, technology, new forms of media, art and craft. As stated by the pair, “We embrace new and unstable media and mix it with a dose of raw traditional waste. We work in mixed fields of illustration, fashion, graphic, photography and video. Combining our knowledge’s (sic) for commercial, cultural and fine art projects.”