We wanted to have some fun and shoot sexy, throwback inspired images; a remix of sorts. The idea was based on the concept of, “follow me.” We literally followed her (Constance) around with the camera making use of walls and props that we found on the way.

I like to shoot things as I see them. Well, this is Constance Nunes during our shoot for The Superslice. It’s gratuitous sexiness, plain and simple. Why bother calling it anything else besides unadulterated awesomeness? How can this not make you happy?

It makes us very happy. Straight from the source, it’s our gifted Los Angeles-based colleague, Alan Mura, dropping some smoldering visuals and hot optics for your Hump Day. I mean, c’mon, does it get any sultrier than this? Well, while still staying SFW? I think not. New favorite!

This hopes to be a continuing collaboration between über-talent, Alan Mura, and your favorite culture website, The Superslice. And we’re proud to say, on occasion, we’ll feature some of the hottest up-and-coming models with top-notch styling and banner presentation (make-up and hair) from his talented team.

We should formally introduce cover-worthy model, fetching lass, Constance Nunes. Heartbreaker “Connie” struts it to the apropos, the ever so chilly-chill, sexy track, Feel it all around, by Washed Out. Nice shoutout to Portlandia, Buddy. Mad respect.




Photographed, Filmed, and Edited by: Alan Mura
Model: Constance Nunes
Makeup and hair: Jaclyn Guggenmos
Wardrobe Stylist: Jesse J Collections
Wardrobe Assistant: Marshell Hall
Photographers Assistant: Nicolas Rustin

Shot on location in Studio City




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