Atlanta-based producer and Superslice favorite, Heroes x Villains, have released a new single, Original Choppaz from the upcoming Run The Trap EP and upcoming trap music documentary, Certified Trap. The documentary focuses on the history of trap along with HxV’s role as a major contributor in trap’s resurgence. The film will hopefully reveal the narrative of the sub-genre’s ongoing evolution and shed some light on its sustainability and lasting power. The EP and the anticipated culture documentary film drops August 31st.


Atlanta based production duo Heroes x Villains is announcing a new EP and Trap music documentary in partnership with the premiere mixtape website and it’s sister site The documentary Certified Trap traces the evolution of Trap music from its beginnings as a seminal southern Hip-Hop movement to its recent rebirth that fuses traditional Trap with electronic music – an aggressive new sound being embraced by music-forward youth cultures across the United States. Certified Trap also features cameos from Trap icons Waka Flacka (sic), Trap-A-Holics, Drumma Boy, Sonny Digital and DJ Spinz as well as producers who are driving the new Trap sound such as Flosstradamus and FKi.

OG… the beginning, the genesis. Every trend, every movement has a starting point, a nexus; with individuals operating as frontiersmen often with little to no recognition until the predominant culture takes notice and sometimes, not even then.

Trap music, a genre notorious for it’s high octane, aggressive beats, is the new buzz word in dance music circles. But it’s hardly ‘new’ at all… in fact, this sound has dominated rap for nearly decade. Atlanta, Georgia has served as the nexus point, with producers like DJ Toomp, Shawty Redd and Zaytoven (to name a few) acting as forefathers for the sound that’s been garnering so much attention recently.

As natives to Atlanta, Heroes x Villains understand and celebrate this history. This is the ethos behind their latest record, ‘OG Choppaz,’ a sonic manifestation of where trap music comes from, to where it appears to be going.

via Heroes x Villains