We just hit 20K fans. If you stop and think about it, that’s kind of crazy. We hit 10k about 10 months ago. Something that we created out of thin air somehow connected with people all over the world. Especially considering how many bands and artists are popping up these days. I’ll never take this for granted. Thanks for supporting us!

To celebrate this occasion, Liz and I made another cover. It’s one of our favorite Daft Punk songs. The original is so great and simple, so we just took that concept and went a different direction.

As usual, it’s free!


As stated, to celebrate their 20,000 like on their Facebook Fanpage, Portland-based remix master RAC and his (André Allen Anjos) sister wife Liz Anjos have released this slowed down cover of the already slammed Daft Punk classic Something About Us. Have a listen and download the track below, like them on Facebook, they’re solid and prolific. Also, vote for them to get their music video for Hollywood (my favorite track of this summer) on MTVu.