Several focal points define the work of New York-based artist Eric Cahan. Among them: light, specifically the light generated by the sun at sunrise and sunset, science, nature, and the ephemeral quality of memories. These considerations are in play when, equipment in tow, Cahan heads outside at a carefully chosen hour of morning or evening to begin creating one of his flawless, ethereal works of art.

Cahan himself made most of the work for his current project, Sky Series, during his extensive travels. Each photograph and sculpture is titled with the time and location of its conception. In this way, Cahan catalogues his visual journal. “ During my travels, I discover what I want to document. My works are titled to remind me of the experience, both visually and spiritually.” Cahan’s viewers see in his work his unique interpretation of a specific time and place.

Also, please make sure to check out the rest of Eric Cahan’s work at his site.

Bridgehampton, NY Sunset 7:48pm

Georgica Beach, NY Sunrise 6:18am

Hilther Hills, NY Sunrise 6:52am

Montauk Point, NY Sunset 8:41pm

Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA Sunrise 6:35am

San Paulo, Brazil Sunrise 6:55am

Two Mile Hallow, NY Sunset 7:22pm