The 2011 BAFTA award winning short film, The Eagleman Stag, amazing stop motion work by Mikey Please, an independent animator from London. Please watch this wonderful animated film.



Peter’s life has been spent in both fascination and fear of his quickening perception of time with age. As he nears the end of his days, his interest turns to obsession and he undertakes progressively extreme measures to control and counter times increasing pace. Peter also discovers that if you repeat the word ‘fly’ for long enough it sounds like you’re saying ‘life’. This is of no real help to him. His answers lie in the brain of a beetle.

The Eagleman Stag is the BAFTA award winning Royal College of Art thesis film of director writer Mikey Please. Animated in monochrome stopmotion, the film consists of 115 separate sets made mostly of a mysterious white material, not previously know to have been used for stopmotion animation, found in the back of a cushion. Mikey collaborated closely with his brother Benedict who composed the soundtrack and score, as well as the vocal talents of cult actor David Cann who features as the
protagonist Peter Eagleman.


Peter Eagleman stows away a groundbreaking discovery in The Eagleman Stag

Peter's team of Taxonomists explore the further most regions of earth in The Eagleman Stag

Peter finds a Slow Worm in his back garden in The Eagleman Stag

Peter is awed by the discovery of a new creature in The Eagleman Stag

In a fit of rage Peter snaps a pen in The Eagleman Stag