Purity Ring has only released four songs, but the duo has already made a huge name for themselves in the blogosphere and the electronic music world, even being compared to such legends as The Knife. Purity Ring exhibits music that explores the twisted thoughts and motives of the inner-self.

Most recently, they have created a ghostly music video for their song Belispeak. The video centers on the singer, Megan James, in an occult creek. The haunting aquatic visuals marry her ethereal vocals to set a mysterious and unsettling mood. It captures different angles of her and the surrounding area, containing waterfalls, rock walls, and the silty foundation of the creek. The fast cuts and flashing lights create a dizzying atmosphere for the video, as the camera zooms in and out and spins 360 degrees around everything. The video was directed by BREWER. Enjoy.

Their album Shrines debuts July 24, 2012.


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Bonus track, Ungirthed: