I was going to save it for this week’s Pop Culture Roundup but it couldn’t wait; it’s too good.

Here’s Red Letter Media‘s truly hilarious take on Prometheus. You know Red Letter Media from when they first blasted on the scene with their 70-minute viral review/takedown of Phantom Menace (YouTube version of Part 1 0f 7); it’s a perfectly crafted, content-filled, hysterically funny and on-point critique, or should I say, evisceration, of the franchise of prequels by George Lucas. Well, I had no idea (I should’ve have kept up with RLM!) they were doing a series of film reviews titled Half in the Bag. Milwaukee-based independent filmmaker, comedian and head of RLM, Mike Stoklasa (dude on the left in the vids), steps back from the mic as the voice of the deranged, psychopath critic Harry S. Plinkett (Almost fitting since they’re from Milwaukee, home of Jeffrey Dahmer. It’s sheer brilliace how Stoklasa mixes fanboy geekdom, dark comedy and film criticism within a review.), and goes in front of the camera with his production partner and friend, Jay Bauman.

The first video at the header is a brief 4 minutes where Mike attempts to melt Jay’s brain by relentlessly asking him a myriad of questions left unanswered while pointing out the faulty logic of Prometheus. I was rolling on the floor. This is an edited version, allegedly, there were so many questions that the video was originally 30 minutes long.

After you watch the comedic short, you MUST WATCH the second video, their full Half in the Bag review (below the first video). They give their calm, smart (not verbose) and fair take about the divisive new film, as Mike refers to it (jokingly), “…kinda-sorta prequel to Ridley Scott’s (flop), G.I. Jane.” To say the least, Prometheus has been a polarizing and divisive one. While I wholeheartedly agree with their even-keeled take and would echo every point they raised, I still love the movie.

What do you think? Are the film’s visuals and atmosphere amazing? Is it amazing enough to look past the flawed screenplay? Is it tackling “nonsense for the sake of nonsense”? Please watch both videos.

Be forewarned both videos are filled with SPOILERS.