Ever wanted to display your sick-minded humor and then see a sick hip-hop show because of it? Well, you are in luck! We at The Superslice are offering the chance for two lucky winners to receive a pair of free K.Flay tickets to her show on June 1st  at Central in Santa Monica.

So what exactly do you need to do?

Well, K.Flay has been taking photos on her tour whenever she comes across street names with dirty words on them (ex: Bonar Ave, Beaver Land St, Seaman Rd, etc). In honor of this, we are asking each contestant to email a picture of the dirtiest street name in their area. The picture should be emailed to info@thesuperslice.com. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to submit some sick and twisted ones – we are looking for the best.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with K.Flay, she’s an up-and-coming rapper and producer from the Bay Area and a graduate of Stanford University. Recently, she has been getting a lot of love from local supporters and various publications, including Billboard.com, Spin.com, and The New York Times. Her newest EP, Eyes Shut, was released on January 31st, and the tracks off the EP combine a mix of catchy hip-hop lyrics with harsh and heavy rock melodies. It is music that examines what it means for individuals to care, or not care, about the issues of the current generation. She is, “…a talented vocalist who uses rhyming as a sonic technique,” says the The New York Times.

Check out out the EP tracks below.



Friday 06/01/12 9:00 PM (Doors open at 08:00 PM)
Set Times: 11:00 PM
Show Type: 21 & over

The Central
1348 14th St
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Photos of K.Flay with dirty street names: