A wickedly psychedelic music video with superb graphics by France’s Maxime Bruneel for Mr Overtime by Punks Jump Up featuring Dave 1 from Chromeo. Feel the sweet remix by Oliver below.


REMIX by Oliver:

ChezEddy (Producer):

Entirely animated with a very minimal render, black background, flashy colors in 2D, Maxime injected graphics, designed typos and perverted the colors scale to reach to something definitely current and more pop.

The pitch is rather simple : four young people travel the country in a Stang with radio sound, they dance in the open-top car until they hit a strange beast. In the accident, characters merge with the beast whom they bear the head then.

To ensure that the music would match the car scenes, Maxime did a quick editing of scenes from films like “Drive” by Nicholas Winding Refn, “Death Proof” by Q. Tarantino, “Somewhere” by Sofia Coppola, “True Romance” by Tony Scott, “Mulholland Drive” and “Lost Highway” by David Lynch, synchronized with the music by PJU. A little like a crazy sampler, the director didn’t hesitate (or didn’t resist the temptation!) to play with scenes, camera angles, use this material to create his own musical road trip! The result appeared so promising that the idea of a real cut, synchronized with the sound, by taking all live images that he liked, started to take shape. What was supposed to be a simple test at first became the starting point of the music video. The editing was then left to Manuel Coutant with whom they released more real than life animatics, with live pictures true sensations, linked to the images taken from the selected films.

This direction system happen to be very practical as it enabled to define a very strong ambiance, definitive timing and energy of the shots from the start. From the live cut, Maxime extracted the subject and the camera movements.

He then redesigned by re-using the organization of the image (perspective, etc.). For the animation, he chose to direct a faithful interpretation more than rotoscoping which would have been too smooth and cold.

The result is very much rich and stylized. Characters are 2D animated on Flash, the beast was created from a bear, an octopus and a bulldog! It was then modeled in 3D and animated on Maya, as well as the car, then composed in After Effects.

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