It looks like Toyota’s Lexus luxury arm is getting ready to pitch a hydrogen-powered version of its LFA supercar that’s even more powerful than its 552-horsepower, gas-powered brethren.

We spotted a 45-second video that appears to show off the Lexus LFA-h, a hydrogen-powered version fitted with a V10 that can produce 600 horsepower, not to mention emissions that only consist of water. Or, as the video puts it: “fuel for life.” Treehuggers and gearheads alike are treated to digitized sight of the two-door coupe screaming across a parched desert and grass growing out of cracks in the dried soil. Seriously. Lexus, which hadn’t previously disclosed that it was working on a hydrogen-powered LFA, didn’t get into how much the car will cost or even when it will become available. We’re wondering it we might learn more about this car at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

Lexus is producing just 500 units of the LFA worldwide, and about 10 percent of those are in North America. That car, which has a sticker price of a cool $375,000, boasts a 4.8-liter V-10 that produces 552 horsepower and a top speed of 202 miles per hour. Lexus let auto journalists test-drive the car last October.

via AutoblogGreen

UPDATE: Alex Wurz, former F1 driver and double Le Mans winner, presents the Lexus LFA. He tested is at Estoril in January 2012: