Here is the new video for One in a Million, by the duo After The Smoke. This particular song has been mired in controversy. Rapper Yelawolf and his crew laid some lyrics over this beat and was (allegedly, by outside parties) leaked onto YouTube, it has since been wiped (MOSTLY).

Inexplicably, as Yelawolf & Co.’s unofficial song was leaked, it was immediately followed up with a copyright infringement declaration against ATS from Yelawolf’s publisher Universal Music Group. ATS was basically told that a song and beat that was produced and owned by ATS was barred from being posted on YouTube. Insanity. UMG, due to poor management and a ludicrous level of miscommunication, was basically claiming ownership of the song. It was inexcusable, absurd and a gross display of power.

Everything has been cleared up at this point, after much publicity and fanfare. ATS holds no ill will towards the Yelawolf camp, realizing that “borrowing” and rapping over other musicians’ instrumentals is common practice in the rap game, as long you do not financially benefit from it. This type of “sharing” happens in mixtape culture. But this sets a dangerous precedent and displays how much power large music publishers have when they can just come in and claim someone’s work as their own and have a media outlet, such as YouTube, bow to their every whim. These kinds of events and fuck-ups highlight how important things like fighting SOPA are.

You can read more about it at Global Grind or Dajaz 1. We are giving credit where credit is due. This is a decent song with a decent video BY AFTER THE SMOKE

@s_iravani and @teemunny