It is safe to say, Austria may have the finest collection of supermarkets in the world. This is no exaggeration, have a look at the strikingly modern designs of the Mpreis supermarket chain.

Branded as Klimashutz Supermarket (climate change supermarket), rival chain Spara has created an energy self-sufficient store that produces more energy than it uses. Ralph’s, VONS, and JONS, please take note.

Klimashutz Supermarkt is located in Graz and was designed by LOVE Architecture.


This market is a 3rd generation climate protection store with a gold certification from the ÖGNI (Austrian Green Building Council). In fact, the site produces more energy than the store uses, making it Austria’s first energy self-sufficient supermarket.

Architecturally speaking, the structure consists of a simple folded shell that arches over the triangular-shaped property.

The store opens onto the parking lot in all three dimensions, to the front, sideways and upwards, which creates very broad and inviting entry from this direction.

On the south side, where the store tapers, a glass façade offers a “front side” to the Floßlendplatz. This reinforces the virtual effect of being drawn in and through the store and makes it appear as an open, bright and friendly market place.

via ArchDaily