Better Mus Come is the debut film by Jamaican director Storm Saulter, who based the title on the Delroy Wilson song Better Mus Come. The film first premiered in Jamaica in the fall of 2010 causing much anticipation for its North American release. Two years later, Better Mus’ Come is finally being  released in New York City. You can catch the film’s New York premier on February 16th at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater.



An urban love story unfolds against a backdrop of political turmoil. Set in 1970’s Jamaica the story of “Better Mus Come” follows Ricky, a young man from an inner city community fighting against all the odds to escape the prevailing hardships of life in the ghettos of central downtown Kingston.

Haunted by the recent tragic death of his devoted young wife and psychologically paralyzed by conflicting feelings of guilt and loyalty, he tries desperatley to navigate his way through the political minefield created by the constant social upheaval that seems to be ubiquitous in his community.

After months of incarceration as a suspected political agitator Ricky is released. At his surprise home coming party he meets Kemala. In many ways Kemala and Ricky are opposites but fate nevertheless throws them together and what started with antagonism quickly transforms into burning passion

Kemala seems to understand Ricky and it is through her influence that he draws enough strength to be able to face the socio-political forces that confront hi

It feels like it’s been years that we’ve been telling people about Better Mus Come, the directorial debut from Jamaica’s Storm Saulter. Actually, it has. On Thursday Feb. 16, at 7pm, Jamaica’s most talked-about movie in years will finally get its New York premiere at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theatre. LargeUp is the official media sponsor for the screening, which is co-presented by ImageNation Cinema Foundation and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and hosted by WBLS radio personality Dahved Levy. The event will also feature musical guests and a talkback with director Storm Saulter.

A landmark in Caribbean filmmaking, Better Mus Come is a striking recreation of the infamous Green Bay Massacre of 1978. Tackling a major turning point in Jamaica’s history, when rival political factions mobilized street gangs and turned a national election into a bloody showdown, it’s the first authentic period piece to bring Jamaica’s sensitive history to life on the big screen. Featuring breakout roles from Sheldon Shepherd (seen last year in Puma’s memorable “World’s Fastest Band” ad campaign, with his band No-Maddz) and model-turned-actress Nicole Grey, Saulter’s striking evocation of 1970s militancy has earned his debut feature comparisons withCity of God that other indelible classic of Jamaican cinema, Perry Henzell’s The Harder They Come. Watch the trailer and our LargeUp TV episode with Storm below, get your tickets and more info on the Lincoln Center screening here, and stay tuned for more Better Mus Come happenings to come.

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