Candy hustlers on the New York Subway System have become as common as breakdancers and aspiring musicians. Sugar rush hour is an insightful video featuring a successful self-made pusher of sugar, who makes $55,000 a year.  This dude is a certified Hall of Fame Hustler.


Alex “Tracks” McFarland started selling candy on the subway at age 11, and is the subject of a two-minute documentary by Bianca Consunji (via New York magazine). With his 13 years of experience, Tracks knows the business well. Peanut M&Ms is his biggest seller, but he’s got Welch’s Fruit Snacks if you prefer your candy grape-flavored and gummy.

There are trail mix bars “for people who like to eat healthy,” he says. “But this has got the most sugar in it,” he chuckles.

via AOL