Here is Brooklyn über-hipster rapper, street style trendsetter, and fashion mogul, Theophilus London, with the video for Love Is Real, directed by the prolific High5Collective crew.

The music video, simply and charmingly, presents a jaunt within the urban setting of Los Angeles. We follow a gal as she lands at LAX, and then meets a stranger who defends her honor on the Metro Rail. From there, we follow their escapade from the Grand Performances California Plaza, in Downtown, find them horse-playing on the Hollywood streets, and watch them continue their fun date at the Santa Monica Pier. We catch the new couple inhaling street tacos from a truck, witness them cause more mischief by sledding in the Sepulveda Dam, watch them crash a party, and slam PBRs together. The spontaneous and chance date concludes with a pretty sunrise at the Griffith Observatory as the damsel falls asleep from the whirlwind tour and then awakes as the chivalrous lad is nowhere to be seen. You never see this kind of romantic stuff in music videos anymore. We also appreciate how it exists as a love letter to Los Angeles. Decent trip.