Born in New Jersey in 1961, identical twins Doug and Mike Starn work in collaboration, defying category, combining disciplines such as sculpture, photography, painting, video, and installation.

The 54th Venice Biennale is currently displaying their installation, Big Bambú. The constantly evolving, and growing, structural folly is composed entirely of bamboo and hitched together with nylon rope. This is a rock climber’s ultimate tree-house. As an installation it is whimsical, capricious and chaotic.


Sculptural and experiential, the hollow bamboo structure features a spiraling and undulating trail which leads visitors to an expansive lounge fifty feet above the grand canal. Meandering through the courtyard of Casa Artom next to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the organic and woven maze remains in a state of constant flux, complete but never at rest. the artists, along with a crew of eleven rock climbers, will continue to lash together more than 3,000 bamboo poles, extending the pathway upwards and adding an additional fifteen to twenty feet of height until the dismantling – expected to last two weeks – begins on June 18th.

Doug + Mike Starn on the Roof: Big Bambú: You Can’t, You Don’t, and You Won’t Stop was a previous installation that ran from April 27, 2010–October 31, 2010. This bamboo structure/sculpture was on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was one of the most experienced installations of 2010.

(images courtesy of Designboom)