Introducing Black Black Hills from Brighton, UK:

The Celebration is a thematically and emotively dark sounding song. Because of this we wanted to tell a simple but very cinematic and gripping story focusing on the atmosphere of the track without being a literal translation of the lyrics.

As the track is so evocative, we felt that to do the song any justice we needed to tell a story. We also purposefully wanted to create something that subtly blurred the boundary between ‘Short Film’ and ‘Music Promo’.

The outcome of our efforts was a unique take on the idea of a modern gothic thriller. A story that combines the sort of imagery familiar to ancient folklore, pagan-esque ceremonies and the creepy stuff of ‘pulp literature’ style ghost stories. ‘The Celebration’ purposefully sets out to embrace the notion of a ‘British Mythology’. To create a contemporary fable that celebrates the mystifying forces of nature which lie deep within the ancient woodland and forests of rural England.

The film itself tells a tale of the furtive exploits of an illegal metal detectorist (a ‘Nighthawk’) in a rural English landscape as he sets about trespassing and plundering secluded parts of the land with dire consequences. This allowed us to build a narrative foundation with which we could turn the everyday, the idyllic and the quaint into something far more sinister.

We wanted to teeter on the brink of the unknown and play with the primal instincts buried deep within the collective, evolutionary psyche.

We are a Film Directing trio called Blac Ionica, we are based in London and we also shoot Commercials and make Title Sequences. In 2009 we were nominated for a UK Music Video Award and we are currently seeking Music Video representation.

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