Vybz Kartel, The undisputed king of dancehall, releases a new album, Kingston Story. It is refreshing to see a full length album from a dancehall artist as rapid fire releases (of singles) is the norm. The album has been receiving rave reviews from the likes of Rolling StoneNY Times and The Fader. The album is produced by Brooklyn based Dre Skull and released on Kartel’s independent record label, Mixpak Records. Available on iTunes.

Over the last few years Vybz Kartel’s (pronounced Vibes Cartel) has become the most talked about figure in dancehall, a genre that is to the roots reggae of Bob Marley as hip-hop is to R&B. More than any of his predecessors or his peers, Vybz Kartel understands that he is not just entertaining an audience but managing a global brand. At a time when major-label interest in the genre is at a low ebb, and most dancehall artists release a smattering of singles, he will drop a full album, “Kingston Story,” on Tuesday on the Brooklyn digital label Mixpak Records. Although there will be no P.R. blitz to push the work, Kartel, 35, is highly skilled at creating controversy and leveraging the media exposure into new opportunities. The secret of his success may be that Vybz Kartel doesn’t worry about conforming to expectations; he’d rather break the rules.

NY Times

Vybz Kartel
Kingston Story

Full track list:
01 – Jamaica [2:39]
02 – Beautiful Girl [3:38]
03 – Half On A Baby [3:38]
04 – Go Go Wine [3:23]
05 – Yuh Love (interlude) [0:56]
06 – Yuh Love [3:47]
07 – My Crew [3:42]
08 – Breathless [4:8]
09 – Mi Remember [3:51]
10 – Push It In [4:9]
11 – Wine Pon Me [3:52]
12 – Fresh [3:0]
13 – Freestyle [3:21]
14 – Ghetto Youth [5:55]

Vybz Kartel’s producer Dre Skull talks about working with the artist during his set at the monthly Mad Decent party.

A hit from Vybz’s 2011 catalogue and a scorching twenty minute mix :