Flying Lotus‘ protégé, Samiyam (Sam Baker) from Ann Arbor, Michigan, has released his first album, the eponymous titled, Sam Baker’s Album. Stand up, Detroit!

Sam Baker’s Album is a legitimate gem. It is dirty in the best sense of the word. A bowl of musical Cap’n Crunch for your ears. It is an album where you just have to plop down into your comfy couch or plush chair and listen to all the way through because there is a surprise around every corner. Sure, each track has individual merit and is listenable and you can consume it that way on your own accord, but you would be missing out on the range that is displayed. You would lose out on a musical narrative. It is not a seamless and continuous mix, rather, each track represents itself like a chapter of a book or a novel for your auditory system. I will spare you the cliché of Samuel leading you on some musical journey; I will just say that if there was a giant rubber band inside of you that represented your soul, Samiyam plucks it like an upright bass. Bouncy. Funky. It is just a fun collection of recordings. Be forewarned, major headbanging and rocking to beats is going to occur; I suggest you wear a helmet or some type of head gear.

I will give up one spoiler; there is a surprise for the Trailer Park Boys fans a third of the way through the album, on the track, Kitties. Meow.

As you listen, you will immediately recognize his influences and you’ll be cool with it. The album reads like a mixture of heavenly beat-deity, J-Dilla (from Detroit, Sam’s hometown, kind of), RZA, a sonic Picasso, mixed with a ColecoVision. Of course, there is the influence of Flying Lotus. But I would venture to say that this time, the pupil may have surpassed the master. Good, happy stuff that leaves an impression.

You know that ghost-sensation when you spend the whole day at Six Flags riding roller coasters, you put your head to pillow, lay down for the first time that day and you have that feeling that your body is still on the ride? Well, these beats will stick to your ribs and will capriciously continue inside your brain after listening. The catchy, hook-driven beats leave a mark and will be stuck in your head.

The video snippet for Where Am I was created by fellow Brainfeeder cohort Beeple. Fly-Lo is a smart dude who surrounds himself with bunches of good talent.

NPR Music has the exclusive first listen, you can hear Sam Baker’s Album in its entirety at their site. This was the easiest review I have ever written; I think I am starting to oversell now…just go and listen to it. Steal it if you have to. A+

Peace out and have a Happy Fourth of July…

Samiyam: Sam Baker's Album