Gothamist has some photographs of the construction progress of the WTC and the 9/11 Memorial. It is coming along.

The Memorial design will hold two reflecting pools, a tree grove and the names of the victims inscribed in bronze. The reflecting pools are almost an acre and feature the largest man-made waterfalls on the continent. The reflecting pools outline the footprints where the Twin Towers once stood.

Below are some renderings done by Squared Design Lab of architect, Michael Arad‘s, competition-winning design and some recent photos taken by Gothamist publisher, Jake Dobkin.

Aerial (Rendering by Squared Design Lab)

Aerial (Rendering by Squared Design Lab)

View of Memorial at Night (Rendering by Squared Design Lab )

Memorial Pool Corner Night (Rendering by Squared Design Lab)

Memorial Pool Names Parapet (Rendering by Squared Design Lab)

Northeast Corner of the South Pool (Rendering by Squared Design Lab)

Overview of the site from the top of 1 WTC- this is looking south, with 4 WTC visible in the upper left side of the image. (Jake Dobkin/Gothamist)

Looking down at the 9/11 Memorial from the top of 1 WTC. (Jake Dobkin/Gothamist)

This is the north memorial pool, which has already been filled. Padding protects the parapet with the names of each 9/11 victim. According to the Port Authority, “each pool is 180 feet by 180 feet, about the same as the footprints of the Twin Towers. Each pool is about 50 feet deep and can handle 450,000 gallons of water.” In the distance, you can see 4 WTC being built behind the memorial pavilion. (Jake Dobkin/Gothamist)

A view of the south pool, which is being finished. The designers felt the original color of the pool was too light, so the base is being finished with darker panels. The pool should have water again in a few weeks. (Jake Dobkin/Gothamist)

Looking back up towards 1 WTC from the south memorial pool- the museum pavilion is in the middle right. (Jake Dobkin/Gothamist)

From the entry way of the museum, we descend 80 feet to the base of the “bathtub”- here you can see the bottom of one of the memorial pools. The museum is officially scheduled to be complete by Summer 2013, but rumor has it that it might be completed ahead of schedule, by the 2012 anniversary. (Jake Dobkin/Gothamist)


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