Dutch designers and planners,  KuiperCompagnons recently won the design competition for a sustainable office building, Agung Sedayu Center, in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Both towers are connected by an open common space with commercial facilities on the ground floor, 6 parking floors which 3 of it are underground, and also integrated garden on the 4th floor.

One of the most important sustainable principles is the maximum use of natural ventilation in order to reduce the use of mechanical cooling. The whole form and detail of the building is aimed to avoid direct sunlight to the facade, and to take advantage of the prevailing wind direction. The facade of the building is dictated by the wind and the sun. By using sun diagrams, the type of louvered door could be determined for the whole year (which one from the 7 types and for which part of the building). Rainwater is collected and reused, solar panels are placed on the horizontal roof, and the therefore appropriated terrace floors. A geothermal heat pump is applied. District Cooling is used to improve the benefit of the cool system.