The brilliant AMC series, Breaking Bad is returning for its fourth season on July 17, 2011. It has been an excruciatingly long wait for the return, but great things come to those who wait. It will be like Christmas in the middle of July; we collectively anticipate with bated breath after a gripping season 3 finale.

How will calculating and sinister Gus Fring react? With lab assistant Gale taken care of, will Walter be welcomed back to the superlab with open arms? Would Gus even permit insolent and reckless addict Jesse back in the superlab ever again? Will Jesse even make it, with falling off the meth’ wagon and being on the run? Will Gus ever learn the recipe and blueprint for Blue Sky? Will Hank get back on his feet, emotionally and physically, and finally figure it all out? When is the Juárez Cartel going to strike again; is the reckoning going to happen (are heads going to roll in New Mexico)? Are Skyler and Walter Jr. safe? Will Saul ever get to play that game of laser tag? Will we be exposed to some more awesome Saul Goodman one-liners?

Let’s cook.


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