Today I’m very proud to release our debut EP on Ultra, VULTURES. We haven’t released an EP since Run The Trap back in Dec of 2012. Since then we’ve toured the world a few times over, had a Vegas residency, played major festivals, and got to meet a bunch of awesome people. After we signed our deal with Ultra, we went in and wrote an EP of music but it just didnt feel right. It felt too safe, not innovative enough, not enough risk; and true art in my opinion takes risks. Thats where the art is. In the courage to do something different or unique to stand out against the status quo. That is what HXV has always and will always be about. So we scrapped the entire EP, then I went back on the road and really marinated on why we started doing this in the first place. I listened to our “We Off That” mixtape, NIN, Death Grips, Yeezus, Public Enemy, N.W.A Music, new Atlanta rap and dark techno from labels like CLR and artists like Black Asteroid.

Via HXV.

Superslice hall of famers, HXV have just released their long awaited follow up EP, Vultures on Ultra Music. HXV has been steadily carving out their own unique sound, accompanied by a visual aesthetic that has stayed true from day one. The Vultures EP is an unapologetic response to the banality that has flooded electronic music. Do not mistake this release as just an extension of whatever we’re calling trap these days. HXV is trying to create a distinctive sound influenced by the once separate genres of electronic music and Southern rap. Vultures is dark, with a very amplified sound, however the overall picture being painted by HXV is not quite obvious. There are many hidden facets left to explore. Stream the EP blow via Soundcloud and show support by purchasing the EP.

Vultures is available for download on these outlets:


If you are new to HXV please see our 2013 interview with HXV frontman, Daniel Disaster, HERE.

Track List:

What You Off  – feat. Lil Uzi Vert Original Mix HxV, Lil Uzi Vert
Made It – feat. Lil Uzi Vert feat. Rome Fortune Original Mix HxV, Rome Fortune, Lil Uzi Vert
PLAGUES –  feat. Ricky Remedy feat. DeBroka Original Mix HxV, Debroka, Ricky Remedy
Vultures  – feat. Ricky Remedy feat. DeBroka Original Mix HxV, Debroka, Ricky Remedy
What You Off –  Original Mix HxV